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Due to recent events, I found it fitting to put together a positivity pledge in hopes to prevent negativity amongst the fandom, to promote positivity and love, and to keep us in a healthy, safe roleplaying environment.

By reblogging this pledge you hereby pledge:

  • To welcome others into the fandom in order to help create a positive and family-like atmosphere among us.
  • To use the fandom as a platform to create friendships and creative bonds.
  • To reciprocate what is given, send asks and memes as they are reblogged from others and participate in “reblog karma” promoting unity and activity.
  • To use words to help, nurture, and encourage rather than harm and destruct.
  • To support other roleplayers in their creative endeavors.
  • To encourage the promotion of positivity and to stand with one another in support and care when faced with adversity.
  • To keep communication open between partners, followers, and other blogs so that if there are any issues or concerns (such as questions to and about the muse, requests to tag triggers, etc) there is no fear of judgement or worry.
  • To always remember that roleplay is for fun; health and happiness comes first, replies can always wait.

Hopefully with this pledge we can all unite to create a welcoming, loving, and peaceful fandom atmosphere.

If you agree to this pledge please reblog to share with your followers and other roleplayers.

Just remember, there is a person on the other side of the screen, treat them how you would want to be treated. 

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